Security Gate Access via Mobile Phone

If you are a property owner or resident in Oak Alley, you may enter through the Main Security Gate using your mobile phone. After ordering a VIZpin access key, please download and configure the VIZpin SMART app to register your mobile phone.  



VIZpin SMART app Minimum System Requirements

iPhone 6 running iOS 12.4.8. download VIZpin Smart version 3.0.5

iPhone 7 and above running iOS 13 download VIZpin Smart version 4.0.6

Android mobile phones download VIZpin Smart version 8.0 

Complete the VIZpin order form located here. We will email you an invoice with a link that will take you to our secure portal where you can pay via bank debit or credit card. 



After placing your order, download the VIZpin SMART app for your iPhone from the Apple App Store or for your Android phone from the Google Play Store

Location ID



Configure your app. First, tap 'New User' and complete all registration fields.  You must enter your device's phone number. During the sign-up process you will receive a text message with a 6-digit code to enter.  Also, you will need to enter your 'Location ID' as BSU-9Q9. You will then receive an acknowledgment that access has been requested.


Upon receipt of your access request, your VIZpin key will be issued and you will be notified via your email address within 48 hours. You will need to log into your app to activate your VIZpin key. When nearing the Oak Alley Main Gate, please ensure that your Bluetooth is enabled and your VIZpin SMART app is open. Your VIZpin key will illuminate allowing you to open the gate by touching your screen.

If you need further assistance in configuring your mobile phone,

please click on the video button below and review the installation sceenshots.

Step 1

Click 'New User'

Step 2

Enter Name

Step 3

Enter & Confirm Mobile Number of this Device

Step 5

You Will Receive a Text Message with a 6-digit VIZpin Code

Step 6

Enter your 6-digit VIZpin Code and Verify

Step 7

Enter your Location ID BSU-9Q9

Step 9

You will receive an email within 48 hours notifying you that your VIZpin key has been activated. Log back into the VIZpin SMART app to validate your key

Step 4

Creat a 7+ Digit Password

Step 8

You will receive confirmation of your Access Request. 

Step 10

You will see your key lightly shaded. As you near the Oak Alley Entry Gate, ensure your app is open and Bluetooth enabled. The key will illuminate. Touch screen to open the gate